Some thoughts….

I wanted to post something that has been running through my mind.

Back in December 2023, I was re-elected to a 2 year term of President of the Kansas City DX Club. Unfortunately due to an issue, and with my feeling of not being able to work with the Vice-President I thought it best to step down. Do I regret this? Yes in part, as I had plans I wanted to follow through for the club. And I would love to see the club endorse newcomers, and Elmer them in DXing and Contesting.

Since then the club has spent 3 (now going on 4) months trying to find a President. No one wants to step up. Hell the VP is trying to pawn it off on ANYONE who would show the slightest interest.

This has gotten me thinking, and a comment in our club newsletter pressed to the forefront of my mind. So follow along if you would indulge me as we travel through my thoughts.

According to the Club Constitution:

Article IV: Duties of Officers

IV.I     The President shall preside at all meetings of this club, and conduct them according to commonly accepted rules. The President shall enforce due observance of this Constitution and by-laws, decide all questions of order, form committees and/or sub-committees, represent the club in matters of external business, sign all official documents adopted by the club, and perform all other appropriate duties pertaining to the office of President.  The President shall endeavor to promote the KCDXC to the Amateur Radio community.

IV.II    The Vice-President shall attend regularly scheduled meetings and assume all the duties of the President in the President’s absence. In addition the Vice-President shall organize club activities, meeting programs, and advance club interest and activity as approved by the club.

That being said, why has the VP not just accepted the role and continued on? If he is not willing to fulfill the duties as described, should he also vacate? As a matter of fact he has stated he does not care WHO is in the role, but he wants the position of an officer in the club. Why?

That brings me into a modification of a term we have heard in the press a lot lately-


We all know what that means. I modified it for a more useful terminology.

DINO- DXer in Name Only.

In other words- those who CLAIM to be a DXer, but only present a DXer’s profile. Most will say if you have been a “DXer” for majority of your operation, then your country DXCC and WAZ counts should be WAY above the minimum. Now I can make that claim as I am fortunate to have achived DXCC on 160m to 10m (including WARC- 30-17-12m Bands), Closing in on 6m, and 60M (yea I know there is no DXCC for 60- but it is fun chasing there anyway). So I am not a DINO.

My Counts as of April 14 2024:

Mixed 338 Awarded- 338 total- 331 Current (Honor Roll)

CW 278 Awarded -304 Total-298 current

Phone 226 Awarded-249 total-244 current

Digital 123 Awarded- 264 total- 244 current (yes I know a submission is warranted)

So as you can see I AM a DXer. 

Another comment in the newsletter REALLY hit the nail on the head. But I want to limit it to a few- and I will explain why.

A President and Vice President should be an ACTIVE DXer and/or Contester.

The original comment was An OFFICER should be….. But I feel Secretary and/or Treasurer do NOT need to be as in there are VERY capable club members who are not that active in DXing or Contests, who are MUCH more qualified to hold those positions due to their experience.

It is MY opinion the President and/or VP of a DX CLUB should NOT be a DINO

So you ask WHY? well let me put it this way. The Pres and VP make decisions for the CLUB. So their thinking should be

1) in full support of the club and

2) based on DXing and Contest operations.

USUALLY years of active experience assists in those matters- keeping your thumb on the PULSE of the hobby (being active) helps you decide if new ideas are prudent for the club and help you decide if the club should move that way. Not knowing what is active as far as dxpeditions, or contests does make a DXer .

Making smart-assed comments which drive away long time members does not. Officers should want to GROW the club, keep it out there to the amateur radio community, have some face time at hamfests building up the CLUB, not yourself.

I have heard a comment of a long time member- they feel the club may wither and die unless changes happen. I am starting to agree with them

Well, it is late, those are my comments. If I have offended anyone, I do apologize (see how easy it is!!) but I truly feel this- I just needed to put it down and out there.

Thanks for reading. DO NOT pass this on or republish this in ANY form without my permission.

Welcome to my little corner of the web…

Welcome to my page!!!

Hi everyone. My name is Chuck and my Amateur Radio Callsign is KØXM. I was originally licensed in 1979 and the callsign I was issued by the FCC at that time was NØBIW. When I upgraded to Extra I wanted a shorter callsign for my Morse Code activity- so I did a “Vanity Callsign” request for KØXM. I have enjoyed ham radio since 1979 and have done various things. I am co-founder of the Backyard Repeater Group (, and Past President of the Kansas City DX Club (  

As time goes on, I will be adding content on various items. DXing, Contesting, and to a slight degree Repeater operations and DMR setup and use.