Where do I start......


I was born on 1960 and grew up in Kansas City, Kansas. After attending the Kansas City Kansas Area Vocational Technical School (KCKAVTS) starting in my senior year,

I met my elmers Bill WAØCBW and Dave WBØOUE while attending the Electronic Technician course. Bill was our instructor and Dave was a fellow student.

Upon graduating from AVTS, I went to my 1st job as a technician working for the Heathkit Company at their Mission Kansas location. I spent about a year and a half

as their Ham Radio/TV tech. I learned a TON, by seeing the various builds of the kits (believe me there were a lot of BAD builds, but a lot of good ones also).

From there, an opening appeared with the local KCK Utility- the Board of Public Utilities. We provide power and fresh water for the residents of Kansas City, Kansas.

I spent just shy of 27 yrs there as a Substation Relay Technician- leaving in 2007. I built, installed, repaired and maintained the High Voltage Substations, and since we provided fresh water, we also maintained the water pump equipment.

Back in the 1980's there were less than 10 UHF repeaters on the air in Kansas City. A few of us built them and had them at our houses. Then one of the local clubs put one on at a commercial site which played nicely over the entire metro area. So Bob NØEUH (Now WØNQX) and I were talking on that repeater and one of the trustees jumped in. Now this person was as arrogant as you could get. He mentioned to us that our repeaters were all "Backyard Repeaters" and theirs was a "Front Yard" repeater. Trouble is, he forgot to remember that their repeater (and mine also) were in Kansas City, Kansas- Wyandotte County, where I am born, bred and corrupted. I informed Ken that in the "Dotte" as we call ourselves, we keep the Good items in the backyard, and the stuff in the front yard was waiting for the trash man to come pick it up. SO I was not going to take that measly attempt at an insult lightly. And upon that moment, the Backyard Repeater Group (WBØYRG) was formed. And we have been building systems ever since. Over the years we have put on one of the original linked systems from Shawnee Kansas to the Washington DC Area (using a dedicated phone line- and this was before echolink), and we have sponsored the growth of DMR in the Kansas City area, and throughout Missouri. Oh, by the way the club who sponsored that UHF "Front Yard" repeater is now disbanded.



My main passion in Ham Radio has always been HF. I love to contest and chase DX. CW is my preferred mode, and yes I do run FT8, but give me an opening on CW I am there. Back in 1980, shortly after getting licensed, Dave WBØOUE had me over at his shack one night. He offfered me (I only had a Technician license then), to make a cw QSO on his TS520 S I believe. I sat down, called CQ and after a couple of tries, a station came back to me. I THOUGHT I heard K1AZS, but it was J A 1 AZS. My 1st qso was DX!!!! I have been hooked ever since. And in 42 years I have obtained DXCC on 160 to 10 Meters, and Mixed, Phone, CW and Digital awards from Kansas City- with only 100w. I have WORKED 331 Current countries- but due to my cranial flatulence in the years past, I did not confirm them all- so I am scrambling to get that DXCC Honor Roll plaque. At the present time I am the President of the Kansas City DX Club.

I also run the KØXM-5 DXCluster.


Enjoy my page, I will be adding content building the information for all to see.


Thanks for listening...Chuck KØXM